Jilly vs Erykah

When I first heard there was going to be a Verzuz battle between Jill Scott and Erykah Badu - two of my all time favorite female musicians - my excitement level was so high it raised my blood pressure, I’m sure of it. These two strong women were a part of a rare empowering narrative during my teenage years that helped to shape me into the proud, spiritual, black woman I am today.

Jill taught me to hold onto my freedom and live my life like it’s golden. Erykah taught me to embrace the things about myself that made me different. Both women nurtured my soul in a way that made me feel a deep connection to my culture.

So, of course I had to tune in to this iconic moment in history, and damn was it iconic. It ended with my heart full and my spirit afloat… the inspiration was almost overwhelming. I knew I had to get the paints out immediately and pay my respects to Jill and Erykah.

In a way, the finished pieces feel like more than paintings. They’re a physical thank you to these amazing women.

I hope you can feel the gratitude behind the acrylics in these artworks.

Both pieces are available now.


August 06, 2020 — Kesia Estwick